Teachers and Staff

During the eight years of primary school, the same teacher may remain with the class. It takes a dedicated and special individual to teach the same group of children to read, write, knit and sing before teaching them chemistry, ancient history and advanced mathematics.

Our teachers may have trained for two years after graduating university. This specialised training covers Steiner’s world view and pedagogical theories as well as intensive work in the arts.

Francis Klugman, School Director

Jonathan Anstock, Chair Noosa Pengari Steiner School Board

Full list of our staff for 2018

Pre-school Staff

Rose Room

Simone Collett with Caz Hillier & Cathy Mallac (Aides)

Lavender Room

Jo Williams with Camilla Swan-Ward (Aide)

Class Teachers

Class 1

Debra Tucker with Paula Collyer (Aide)

Class 2

Neil Trezise

Class 3

Johanna Hampson

Class 4

Regan Cameron

Class 5

Fiona Thomas

Class 6

Amy Lascelles

Class 7

Tim Nixon

High Teachers

    Priscila Barreto da Cunha
    Natalie Best
        Joshua Channer
        James Fell  

Francis Glasspool
        Bianca Herbert  
        Tricia Jeffree  
        Tanya McCall  

Specialist Teachers

  Physical Education Primary School
    Fiona Kafka
  Physical Education High School     James Fell
  Outdoor Education     Ian Hamilton

Music Co-ordinator & Guitar

Arron Bool

  Strings     Kim Kirkman, Dan Williams & Louise King


Annie Jackson

  Voice     Jeunae Rogers
  Piano     Lorissa Humble
  Percussion     Max Sportelli

Languages Other Than English   

Deborah Clark (Italian)
  Library     Wendy McMahon

Manual Arts

Scott Pilkington

  Craft     Anna Hanssen


Sarah Lees-Barton

  Painting     Sally Martin


Max Young

  Extra Lesson     Amanda Tinney  
  Playgroup     Michelle Hutchison
  Teacher Aides     Paula Collyer, Maria McQuillan, Marie Sullivan, Caz Hillier, Paul Ralston, Michelle Kellar, Camilla Swan-Ward, Deborah Carlyon, Cathy Mallac, Sue Molyneux, Michelle Hutchison  
  Wellbeing Officer     Liz Blomkamp  


School Director

Francis Klugman

  Primary School Co-ordinator     Heather Bell
  High School Co-ordinator
    Gill William-Smith
  Financed Manager     Leslee Penno
        Cathy Hunt  


Ruth Chambers-Hall


Mel Butler

  Maintenance Manager
    Tim Parnell
  Maintenance     Chris Eddy
  Groundsman     Rob Birse

Treasure House Manager

P & F

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