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Ruth Chambers-Hall - Sunday, February 22, 2015


On Thursday 19th February 2015, renowned indigenous artist Jandamarra Cadd, (2014 Archibald finalist) whose latest exhibition 'Kinship' is currently touring Australia gave an art workshop at the Noosa Pengari Steiner school to a group of high school students. The project the students undertook guided by Jandamarra, was to illustrate the story 'Tawny' by indigenous elder Uncle Bob Randall, traditional custodian of Uluru and a member of the Stolen Generation.


Uncle Bob's children's story is both darkly humorous and profound: Tawny, a thorny lizard, is born just as atomic testing is happening in the sacred Australian desert. Tawny is exposed to radiation, grows enormous, and goes from eating ants at the rate of 45 per minute, to eating tourists at the same rate...those who disregard the sacredness of Uluru and climb it.


The story will be published later this year by Kanyini Press.The students and teachers who participated in the day-long workshop were privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to work with Jandamarra on such a special project.

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Ruth Chambers- Hall

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